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Freight Forwarder | AAA International Shipping
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Refrigerated & Climate-Controlled Cargo

Customized Solutions for All Your Supply Chain Challenges  

At AAA International Shipping we go a step beyond the standard transportation of commodities for those who require refrigeration and special handling. From the fields to the marketplace, each of us has a vital role to play in getting products to the market (and ultimately to the consumer) safely, efficiently, and with minimum loss of product quality.

By working together, we can reach our common goal of bringing quality products to consumers all over the world. A wide variety of commodities is shipped under refrigeration, including:

  • Meats, Poultry and By Products The meat and poultry industry covers all the requirements for meat, poultry, pet food, wool, skins and hides.
  • Fresh and Frozen Seafood The seafood industry manages all fresh, chilled and frozen seafood.
  • Agriculture The agriculture industry includes fresh fruits, vegetables, and all agribusiness, grains, seeds, stock-feed and horticulture.
  • Dairy and Eggs The dairy products and eggs industry manages eggs and a full range of dairy commodities such as  cheese, milk powders, whey protein, butter, cream, yoghurt and ice cream- either bulk or packaged.
  • Frozen Prepared Foods The frozen prepared foods industry includes all frozen prepared foods commodities.
  • Fresh Juices and Frozen Concentrate Fresh juices and frozen concentrate industry covers all fresh juices and frozen concentrate commodities.
  • Confectionery Products The confectionery products industry includes a full range of confectionery products.
  • Chemicals and Biological Products The chemicals and biological products industry  covers all chemicals and biological products.
  • Flowers and Live Plants The flowers and live plants industry includes all flowers and live plants.

Each of the refrigerated and climate-controlled products is highly perishable and requires special handling to ensure that it arrives in optimum condition at its destination. Special handling can include proper post-harvest handling procedures, sanitation, pre-cooling, packaging, stowage, temperature management, air exchange, product compatibility, modified and controlled atmosphere.

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