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Freight Forwarder | AAA International Shipping
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We can provide economical insurance coverage for your shipment – 

More than 99% of all transport movements worldwide go smoothly; however in spite of all care and safety measures there will always be a risk. While your shipment is in transit (state-to-state and/or overseas), your cargo is exposed to possible damages and losses: fire, weather, piracy, acts of God or other unforeseen circumstances.

It is a wide spread misunderstanding that the goods that customers ship by ocean, air or road are automatically insured. Due to carriers limited liability damages which occur during transport by vessel, truck, train or airplane cannot easily be recovered. Cargo insurance is designed to protect your fiscal interests while your cargo is in transit. It is a vital but often ignored aspect of the shipping process.

You ought to buy cargo insurance for peace of mind. It covers your commercial shipment or personal property in case of accidents. We can advise you and if required secure your insurance.

Besides the competitive price, a rapid service will be in place should any unexpected damage occur. This would save you a lot of paperwork headache. AAA International Shipping has exclusive access to a suite of industry-leading insurance products at special low rates.

It makes sense to let us handle your Cargo Insurance:

  • Put our experience to work for you:

    • Our experience in handling cargo insurance qualifies us to provide you complete protection and affordable rates.

    • We work with insurance underwriters that specialize in cargo insurance and have the products and resources to meet the challenges you face in today's marketplace

  • Save time and money:

    • By allowing us to handle your cargo insurance, you spend less time reconciling invoices and monthly reports.

    • By obtaining your cargo insurance through us, you avoid many of the problems that can arise with insurance purchased overseas and eliminate the lengthy claim processing.

    • Because we handle high volumes of cargo for many clients, we are able to negotiate lower rates. You'll profit from this as we pass our savings on to you.

    • By allowing us to provide all of your transportation services, including cargo insurance, you'll come out ahead in two valuable commodities: time and money.

  • Expedient claims handling:

    • If we are arranging the transportation of your cargo, we already have the documentation necessary for filing a claim.

    • We enjoy a close working relationship with our insurance underwriters. This link ensures that your claim will be resolved rapidly and conveniently.

You can obtain international and/or domestic insurance coverage for any value from a humble $100 package to million dollar cargoes. For more information and (no obligation) quote to insure your shipments of cars, boats, household goods and commercial freight just contact us with the Value of your shipment.


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