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Freight Forwarder | AAA International Shipping
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Vehicles, Watercrafts & Oversized Cargo I Overview

Full Vehicle & Oversized Cargo Moving Services ..
Nationwide & Internationally

Your One-Stop Shop … for All Your Vehicle Shipping Needs –

We Deliver to All Cities .. in All Countries .. Around the World!

Our Vehicle and Oversized Cargo Operation specializes in moving vehicles of all types nationwide and overseas - both in containers and by roll-on/roll-off (RORO) systems. Whether across town or overseas, AAA International Shipping offers the fastest, most reliable and all-inclusive vehicle transport from source of purchase (dealer, auction, storage, etc.) to all U.S. destinations and anywhere else in the world (Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, Middle East, North America, and South America) – to and from any port to any port.

AAA International Shipping forms partnerships that generate competitive advantages to our customers by optimizing the flow of vehicles, while driving down overall logistics costs associated with transportation. We use the best equipment, operators and carriers to handle your vehicles with utmost care.

Our goal is to always provide you with the best service at the best price. Through our vast network of purchasing power, we have the leverage to obtain competitive rates which are passed on to our customers. AAA International Shipping makes your move simple and easy to save you time and money.

We Cater to Various Sectors and Clientele –

·       Small businesses

·       Large corporations

·       National and international companies

·       Government agencies (local, state and federal)

·       Private individuals

Wide range of industry professionals –

·      Car Dealers: Connect with carriers already in your area with open space on their trucks so that cars are delivered faster. Buying and/or selling online? Ship a single vehicle or an entire truckload back from any auction in the U.S. or Canada. We can handle your domestic and overseas shipping needs, all in one-stop.

·      Car Rental Companies: Adjust to weather conditions, special events and other market forces more quickly. Ship your vehicles to auction and plan for seasonal changes in the rental market.

·      Auto Auctions: Sell more vehicles by simplifying the transportation process for your dealers. Provide the flexibility to purchase less than a truckload or multiple truckloads of vehicles. Facilitate out-of-state dealers purchase online.

·      Manufacturers: Optimize your supply chain and plan up to 60 days in advance to lock in pricing.

·      Finance and Insurance: Ship your lease returns and repossessed vehicles anywhere in the U.S.

·      Corporate Relocation: Deliver cars door-to-door and accommodate tight moving schedules.

·      Salvage Yards: Move your inoperable vehicles and find terminals for vehicle storage facilities across the U.S.

·      Storage Facilities: Help your vendors move their vehicles to your storage facility.

·      On-line Car Purchases: Attract more buyers by assisting them to move the cars they purchase from you.

·      Export/Import: Ship vehicles quickly and efficiently to ports across the U.S., Canada and seaports worldwide.

We Handle Various Vehicle Types –  For your convenience, we can ship any of the following:

·      Cars (exotic cars, muscle cars, inoperable cars, etc.) 

·      SUV’s

·      Trucks

·      Vans

·      Buses

·      Motorcycles & ATV’s

·      Boats & Watercrafts

·      Recreational Vehicles (RV’s)

·      Heavy Equipment Hauling

·      Rolling Equipment

·      Oversized & Special Gargo

… Anything with Wheels and more!

Our Vehicle Transport Services Include –

·      Pickup of vehicles from any inland location in the U.S. and delivery to major U.S. seaport.

·      Loading and shipping of vehicles from major U.S. seaports to seaports around the world.

·      Preparing and handling all documentation and reporting for customs export title clearance, shipper’s exportation declaration (SED),  dock receipt and bill of lading for each vehicle

·      Customer service at the highest standards

·      Find answers to your questions in our FAQs or Contact Us with any questions you may have

·      Free unlimited quotes

·      You are Online with AAA – Login at your e-ShipExpress account to manage all aspects of the shipping process online for free. Our e-ShipExpress is a web-based customer management system created and customized for each of our customer’s special requirements and preferences. With a computer and internet connection from anywhere in the world. Conduct your shipping operation seamlessly, accurately and efficiently 24/7, 365 days a year - from requesting a quote, to booking, to tracking, to consignee’s delivery/receipt confirmation:

ü   Request quotes online

ü   Order shipping services online. By simply entering VIN #, all of your vehicle info would be filled in automatically for you

ü   Make payments (and receive your receipt) online

ü   Track each stage of your vehicle’s movement online

ü   Receive your delivery confirmation online

ü   Customer service listing selection of the appropriate department based on your need and language preference online


Here are just a few more of the many reasons why we’re the right choice for all your moving and relocation needs:

·      Exemplary service and customer satisfaction

·      Five point inspection upon pickup and delivery

·      Door-to-door

·      Direct service

·      Fully insured

·      No deductible

·      No hidden fees

·      Competitively low rates guaranteed to be the lowest

·      With our e-ShipExpress global tracking system, you can find out where your vehicle 24/7 online

At AAA International Shipping, we aim to be your number one choice for shipping your vehicles anywhere – from local, to nationwide, to overseas. The safety and security of your vehicle is our highest priority. We pride ourselves on our commitment to providing the fastest and most reliable service at the best available rates in our industry today.

If you have the need for freight transport, go ahead and create a FREE e-ShipExpress account for all your shipping needs and start saving today. Take the first step by completing our online quote form with no obligations. All requests for quotes are welcome No restrictions on size, location or destination. We are always just a phone call away to answer any questions you may have You'll find our agents knowledgeable and glad to help you.


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